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VCAT Part 2

The VCAT Hearing to decide the fate of the Maryborough Highland Society’s application for a gambling permit for 65 pokies in Castlemaine will recommence Monday December 10.

I will NOT be blogging live from the hearing.

I encourage community members to attend - 55 King Street Melbourne (on the N/W corner of King St and Flinders Lane) The hearing runs from 10.00-4.30 daily. If you need additional info or assistance getting to VCAT, please contact secretary@enoughpokies.org 


Thank-you for the updates, it was great being able to follow what was happening from home even though I couldn’t get there in person.

Thanks David

Out standing work this week, I felt like I was there!

Safe trip home all.


That’s it.  Thanks everyone. It’s been an epic week…and at this point, after being here throughout the hearing, I would say the winners are…

OK according to the Deputy President it looks like we will sit for four days with one in reserve from December 10.

During this recess, I must say how fantastic it has been to see the Castlemaine community attend the hearing room.  Aside from some mobile phone issues (CSCC 2, EPIC 2) the community members here have behaved extremely well!

Barristers are now discussing with the Deputy President the adjournment and when the hearing might reconvene…

December 3 is the date discussed…

Now looking at December 10.

Ms Brennan (EPIC) is suggesting we need another week to hear the matter.

The 10th December seems to be the date but the Deputy President is standing down to consider this date.

re-examination of Mr Henshall begins from Ms Susan Brennan (EPIC)

In the face of some robust cross-examination, Mr Henshall has, in my opinion, provided a good contribution to the body of evidence before the Deputy President.