Mr Caillard will cross-examine now.

A considerable amount of the new gaming expenditure would come from existing cafes and restaurants
Mr. Henshall

Mr Henshall has been asked by EPIC to review Mr Quick and Mr Whitehouse’s reports.

Suffice to say, Mr Henshall is presenting a detailed submission critical of Mr. Quick’s report, citing several areas areas where “assertions are made with little substantiating evidence.”

Mr Henshall (Essential Economics) witness for EPIC - takes the stand.

Ms. Jayne Van Souwe’s (Wallis) witness statement and evidence has been tabled by Mr Brown (VCGLR)

Dr Bednall is excused.

Mr. Rantino asks the witness was it the fact that the Council’s community attitudes survey referenced the MHS $200,000 annual community contribution but did not mention that only $50K was cash.

We are back. I found a good coffee shop. More options here than Castlemaine.  Just.

Mr Rantino is re-examining Dr Bednall.

lunch break - we are back at 2pm.

Mr Brown (VCGLR) seeks to ask additional questions of the witness.

He is wanting to know Dr. Bednall’s experience in conducting surveys relating to gambling.

Mr Brown asks if 65% opposition is an average figure.

His response is that the level of opposition is about usual but the strength of that opposition is higher than usual.