Everyone is looking at the clock as it creeps towards a lunch adjournment…as Mr Caillard hands up a document concerned with the perceptions of gambling.

The impression Dr Bednall has, based on the survey results, is that the local community is “happy”.

Mr. Caillard still hammering away

Someone was ejected from the gallery earlier.  Their mobile phone started ringing and they were unable to turn it off.  The same thing happened yesterday.

Begs the two-part question, why would you leave it on in a court and how can you not turn it off once it rings?

A disruption at the bar table as three barristers exchange words over a proposition put to this witness.  There’s some feeling there!

Caillard continues…

Mr Caillard is asking Dr Bednall various questions on the survey.

Mr Caillard is asking whether people who participated in the survey were sufficiently informed about THIS proposal.

63% of 95 survey respondents (pokies players) did not play at the Cumberland

Dr Bednall says in hindsight, it would have been helpful to include in the description of the venue that it was a “not-for-profit” venue.

People with a strong view are more inclined to participate in a survey.
Dr. Bednall